Port Augusta 2020

Once every two years, OneHeart sends a team to Port Augusta to help with the AEF convention. OneHeart’s mission team teaches and nurtures the youth and youth adults present at the AEF convention. The upcoming trip in January 2020 will be OneHeart’s 4th such trip.

While we’re on the road, OneHeart will also be stopping by in Adelaide, Warrnambool, and Melbourne. In all, the team will be driving about 4,000km across Eastern Australia.

The OneHeart team will be joined by youth workers and missionaries from Sydney Presbytery, Manly Uniting Church, Alstonville Uniting Church, Northern Beaches Uniting Church and Tongan Parish. We’ll also be travelling with Mentor Crew, a Christian hip-hop group from Korea.

If you’d like to help equip our mission team, please check out our GoFundMe page:

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